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Selma Brajić
Selma Brajić 1024 948 leader


My name is Selma Brajić, I am 35 years old, and I work and live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I work as an attorney at law, in a joint law firm, in Travnik, BA, and am also a PhD candidate, currently preparing my thesis in the field of civil law, so one could say, law is my profession and passion.

I’ve been part of the Leader project – Entrepreneurship Program,  organized by Restart, in May 2018, and I need to emphasize that this was a widely useful workshop and educational program which gave us, the participants, not only, applicable ways to cope in the realms of today’s harsh business world, but it also learned every future entrepreneur how to apply the learned information in specified fields and areas of interest.

I have implemented plenty of the ideas on how to organize and work in a joint law office, and how to adapt the business in order to meet the todays requirements for a solid and stable firm. All the ideas came through the workshop itself, and the best is the fact that all the acquired lectures and common rules may be applied in various fields, which makes the concept of the program even more useful and I would recommend it to every business oriented individual, no matter if they already own a business, or are just starting with an plain idea in their mind. The structure of the program is well structured so every participant is able to shape the given information in the required fields of their specific interest.

For example, after the program, I was also able to plan out my PhD studies, to precisely predict the cost-effectiveness and the usefulness of obtaining of such a degree. In this regard in my opinion, the program changes one’s perception and conception of entrepreneurship and business in general, which could also be treated as a life lesson.

There is also the important fact that we made quite quality acquaintances during the project, where from a few of those bloomed into remarkable friendships. So, all in all, this was and still is a really quality based workshop, with lots and lots of positive impressions.

Harun Resić
Harun Resić 560 1024 leader

Harun is a marketing and PR professional with experience both in private and NGO sector. Harun acquired his first marketing business experience working on various administrative tasks such as preparing client documentation and facilitating client communication. Over time his excellent organizational and people skills have proven to be very useful for all organizations he was involved with. Harun is a very meticulous and detail-oriented as he showed by providing strong  support to many complex projects during his 3 years in marketing.

Aida Kosović
Aida Kosović
Aida Kosović 683 1024 leader

Aida Kosović je pokrenula online pravnu kancelariju. Otkrila nam je sve o  njoj i izazovima koje nosi ovaj projekt. - BON...

“I started on the realization of my business idea a year ago and I am actively involved in the development of it. It is something I am really passionate about and what makes me up till late at night. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!”


What was your experience with the LEADER programme?

“I did my best and I won! The experience was great! For first-time business owners, this program was very eye-opening. I gained skills for improving my business and connected with people who have the same problem as I do. This program made me see that I am not alone in this process and how networking and international knowledge can improve your business.”

Muamer Hadžić
Muamer Hadžić 768 1024 leader

Muamer Hadžić

Muamer is working on developing his business idea and trying to apply knowledge from the  LEADER program as much as he can and share it with his colleague.

” The experience from the LEADER program allowed me to make new strategies about my business development and helped me to recognize what I can improve in all areas of business.”

Muamer is an economics graduate at the School of Economics and Business Sarajevo. During
more than ten year of experience he was helping companies scale across all aspects of
internal and external management with specialties in financial management, strategic
planning, investment advisory, IPO readiness, capital raising, tax planning and accounting. At
present, he is co-founder of accounting and consulting agency “Global Konto” ltd.
He is also a co-founder and CEO of MH Capital, a consulting and investment company.

Dina Šiber
Dina Šiber 683 1024 leader

Dina Šiber

Mrs. Siber is a highly dedicated operations and project manager  with a diverse work history and more than ten years of leadership experience. Throughout her career she has overseen and managed large-scale projects from conceptual phase through completion. She possesses  excellent communication skills and is experienced in dealing with clients, executives, and employees of all levels. As a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful professional with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of business operations, project coordination and implementation, she is experienced in supporting the delivery of new and existing products and business enhancements that enable individuals and organisations to improve their quality and productivity.

She has demonstrated success with managing, leading and driving cross functional processes such as planning, analyzing and evaluating, while estimating the work to be done, identifying dependencies, critical path activities and the resources needed for each project. Mrs.Siber has coordinated and managed multiple projects on entrepreneurship, gender equality and business development, including ones under the auspices of UN Women, US Embassy in BiH and SIDA. She has also successfully managed multiple start-up projects including the first Sarajevo based educational 3D Print (additive manufacturing) LAB.


Samir Avdibegović
Samir Avdibegović 800 800 leader

Samir Avdibegović

Samir Avdibegović is a 43-year-old CNC operator. He worked jobs from car wash to cruiser ships. He played handball semi-professional in France and Iceland. He is also an entrepreneur who tried numerous projects,

“Considering LEADER project – it was very much useful, and I learned a lot of things. Canadian students from Ivey business school really have great knowledge when it comes to business. They really know their business. I’m very grateful for LEADER project to everyone who made it possible, organizers, students and financiers. I’d love to attend it again. Thank you!”

Ina Vuckovic
Ina Vuckovic 684 1024 leader

Ina Vuckovic

Strategy and project management for the Southern cluster at Deloitte Bosnia and Herzegovina with a degree in International Finance and Banking, and Business administration. Prior to her role at Deloitte, she was the Finance Executive at HUB387.

“The idea presented was not implemented by me, but the program itself gave me the knowledge and desire to develop other ideas which I am currently working on.”

“The LEADER program is a program I would suggest to everyone, no matter their profession and future plans. It is of great value and gives you the opportunity to meet different people from the whole country. The program itself is interesting and will definitely widen everyone’s horizons.”

Larisa Nuhanovic
Larisa Nuhanovic 400 400 leader

Larisa Nuhanovic

Larisa started her career in digital marketing in 2009 at Via Media, a leading full-service marketing agency in B&H. As Head of Digital Marketing, she led the digital team at Via Media and worked to develop and implement digital strategies for major international and local brands. The innovative projects and campaigns she worked on, in addition to exceptional results generated for clients, also won numerous awards. As VP of Marketing and Business Strategy at HUB387 and ACADEMY387, she was actively involved in the local tech and startup ecosystem. Currently, as a Marketing Director at the global SaaS company Forsta, she works on developing and implementing performance-driven campaigns.


“The LEADER program is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to start a business, improve an existing business, or simply gain a hands-on understanding of the ins and outs of operating a successful business.”

Ana Lukenda
Ana Lukenda 683 1024 leader

Ana Lukenda

“I am an Art Director with more than 15 years of experience in creating magic with graphic, corporate and advertising design, illustration and photography; my super power is combining experience with unmistakable feeling to visualize identity and branding solutions that will soar any business to the top.”

Aldin Fajić
Aldin Fajić 900 868 leader

Aldin Fajić

Aldin Fajić, CEO at IDEA Software d.o.o. and Motum d.o.o.

All knowledge and experience in different industries and respectful customers formed him as a “Kai Zen, Software & GoDigital Consultant”.

“The business pitch presented at LEADER with the name SMED software is now present at the market as KATA Lean Tools Software. Since then, we increased its features and have adapted it to the market needs (industry).”


What was your experience of participating in the LEADER program?

“Learning based on case studies, with open mind discussions and concrete work tasks. Coaching by young colleagues which have different fields of expertise and passion. LEADER’s program has filled my know how gaps in terms of finance and operations. Beside mentioned, addressing the topic how to create the perfect business pitch and be judged based on its quality is priceless. I would suggest to anyone who is willing to spend 10 days with remarkable people. Ivey team, I miss you :).”

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