Aida Kosović

Aida Kosović je pokrenula online pravnu kancelariju. Otkrila nam je sve o  njoj i izazovima koje nosi ovaj projekt. - BON...

“I started on the realization of my business idea a year ago and I am actively involved in the development of it. It is something I am really passionate about and what makes me up till late at night. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!”


What was your experience with the LEADER programme?

“I did my best and I won! The experience was great! For first-time business owners, this program was very eye-opening. I gained skills for improving my business and connected with people who have the same problem as I do. This program made me see that I am not alone in this process and how networking and international knowledge can improve your business.”

  • Selma Brajić
    "I've been part of the Leader project – Entrepreneurship Program,  organized by Restart, in May 2018, and I need to emphasize that this was a widely useful workshop and educational program which gave us, the participants, not only, applicable ways to cope in the realms of today's harsh business world, but it also learned every future entrepreneur how to apply the learned information in specified fields and areas of interest."
  • Harun Resić
    "Attending Leader program was really an unique experience and hands-on business education that can not be acquired just anywhere. I believe everyone should use the opportunity and attend Leader because this knowledge can prove useful in many different situations and not just in starting a business. It certainly did in my case. In addition to this, it is a great chance to widen your networking circle."
  • Muamer Hadžić
    " The experience from the LEADER program allowed me to make new strategies about my business development and helped me to recognize what I can improve in all areas of business."

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