Leader Alumni

Merana Sadikovic Mandzukic
"The Leader program allowed me to experience, for me a new - MBA style of education. The program is very well designed - it contains the optimal relationship between theory and practical work of the participants. The Leader instructors were very young and not so experienced in their business life, which initially caused me a slight sense of distrust. However, it quickly became apparent that they mastered the subject matter, with ease, enthusiasm, and the confidence of professionals dealing with business issues, and bringing refreshment in perceiving the challenges of the case studies presented. In addition, the students of the program were also very interesting - a wonderful atmosphere of exchange of ideas and experiences was created." Find Out More
Elvis Pivic
Agile & Startup Business Development Consultant and Entrepreneur, having 15+ years of working experience, gaining knowledge and skills by managing software development organizations, teams, and digital/software products by applying Agile methods and principles. Founder and co-founder of nine startup projects of which four failed, three became profitable and sustainable, two are under development. Right now working as a consultant in the area of Agile Management, Digital Transformation, Organization Development, and Business Processes improvement and lecturer in domain Startup Development, Desing Sprint, Agile Leadership toolkit. Find Out More
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