Ivey Business School


Program will be delivered to one (1) class through ten 4-hour sessions over the 2 week period; each session includes one (1) case study, one (1) lecture, and one (1) hour of entrepreneurial coaching; LEADER will design a curriculum best suited to the participant’s skill set and region;

What will you take away?

Analytical tools, thought processes, and decision-making skills which are elementary for any entrepreneur and manager to overcome challenges and to progress.

Ivey Business School


LEADER Project provided four (4) instructors chosen from the Ivey Business School from PhD, Masters of Business Administration, and/or Honours Business Administration programs to deliver the LEADER program;

***All instructors for the LEADER Project are trained by Ivey’s unique case method
of teaching, and use a curriculum built from world-class case studies written at Ivey.

Renowned for its Case-Method of Learning, Ivey is one of the two most important producers of business cases in the world alongside Harvard

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Envision, launch, or scale new ventures!